The mission of Sit-Stay-Home Pet Care LLC–to take care of customers’ pets like they are our very own— reflects the values of its founder, Amy Grigorieff. This mission means we come to your home and your pet for more than just a 20-minute visit or a quick feeding. We routinely walk, play, bond with and train your pet to make sure that it is not just getting a little love, but also getting some wellness with each visit, too.

Virginia-native, Amy Grigorieff has been working with animals since childhood. Horses, cows, African pigmy goats, dogs, cats, peacocks, turtles, and chickens were just some of the animals that surrounded Amy during her formative years on the family farm in in Franklin County. During those years, Amy took particular care of her beloved ponies and horses and competed in dressage on a competitive basis.

After graduating from Hollins University, Amy gave up her horse career but didn’t end up her love affair with animals. In fact, there hasn’t been a time in her life where she hasn’t been flanked by dogs and cats and other critters big and small. Amy wouldn’t have it any other way!

Feel free to contact Amy with your pet care questions and needs.




Amy Grigorieff, Owner Sit-Stay-Home Pet Care LLC